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Get ready to breatheLeave everything else in town.

If you have arrived here, it means you have decided to walk and escape the tyranny of speed for a few hours.

App Sentieri in Tasca

Going slow, walking have become subversive gestures.
You don’t need to be a professional athlete.
A small revolution that is within anyone’s reach.
Just decide to give up some conveniences and move around on foot whenever possible.
In the Prenestine Mountains!

The marked and downloadable trails run on municipally and privately owned land, so we do not own the trails, but with a group of Associations we try to keep them clean and well marked.

Download APP

Download the application, compatible with all Android and Apple media

Use it Off-line

You will be able to use the walking app even when there is no internet connection

Browse Webmaps

You can also take advantage of the webapp by browsing the maps on the website

Points of interest

In addition to maps, the app gives you lots of Points of Interest located on the routes

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Join the Trails in the Pocket community: you'll find initiatives, events, and new friends-hikers

Participate in events

Thanks to the application you will always be updated on events and initiatives organized in the area.

News & Events

Follow all the news, events, and happenings happening in the Prenestine Mountains and Lucredini Mountains area